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CNMI: 2010 Census Detailed Cross Tabulations (Part 2)

(Office of the Governor) – The CNMI Department of Commerce’s Central Statistics Division (CSD), in collaboration with US Census Bureau, is releasing the CNMI: 2010 Census Detailed Cross tabulations (Part 2). Part 2 is an expansion of Part 1. For example, in part 1, Labor Force Status is cross tabulated with Work Status and Sex by Ethnic Origin or Race. Part 2, you can see Labor Force Status with Education Attainment, Marital Status, Service-Connected Disability Rating status, and so on.

“This cross tabulation part 2 is the last data product scheduled for release from the 2010 Census.” CSD, Director Sound stated. “All other previous product and this part 2 release are readily available on our website at: http://commerce.gov.mp/divisions/central-statistics/, under Census Reports. All of these numbers are possible because of your cooperation and assistance in the CNMI 2010 Census. With that said, I extend a very sincere appreciation and I respectfully request that we do the same for the upcoming 2020 Census which planning has begun.”

For more information, please feel free to call our office at (670) 664-3023/45 ask for Mr. Justin Andrew or If you prefer to send an e-mail, please send it to info@commerce.gov.mp or the Director’s e-mail at director.csd@commerce.gov.mp

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