Registrar Edward Guerrero

Hafa Adai, Tiroow, and Welcome to the Office of the Registrar of Corporation web-page.  The Office of the Registrar of Corporation is responsible for issuing, receiving, and holding custody all certificates, papers, statements, or other records or documents pertaining to corporations and partnerships in the Commonwealth.  With the exception of sole proprietorships, all other business types are required to file annual reports with the Registrar of Corporation.

We are here to assist you whether you are applying for a new corporation or re-registering an existing one.  Please visit our Application Center for the applications and requirements for registering or renewing your corporation.  Feel free to stop by and visit us. We are located on the First Floor of the Department of Commerce building in Capitol Hill.  If you have any comments, questions, and concerns please feel free to reach us at 664-3000, 664-8018, 664-8024 or email us at


Edward M. Deleon Guerrero
Registrar of Corporations