MIMC Office

The MIMC Office is now managed by the Office of the Lt. Governor.

Military Integration Management Committee (MIMC) Coordinator’s RoleSeal

Hafa Adai! My name is Jose P. Mafnas, CNMI’s present MIMC Coordinator.

The role of the MIMC Coordinator is to provide administrative oversight and support on all military buildup initiatives spearheaded by the MIMC.  The MIMC coordinator now reports directly to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

In addition the MIMC Coordinator will administer grant awards relating to military actions, ensure compliance with all federal regulations and special conditions set forth in the grants as well as to serve as the CNMI’s primary point of contact for all military related matters.

The MIMC Coordinator serves as a liaison between local government entities and all contactors funded through OEA and delivers logistical support to contractors and OEA.


About This Office

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands set forth a charter in June 2009 for the establishment of the Military Integration Management Committee as the planning and policy making entity for all activities that relate to the expansion of military training activities to the CNMI resulting from the United States Pacific Command’s (USPACOM) initiative known as the “Integrated Global Presence and Basing Strategy (IGPBS), the US and the Government of Japan’s “Roadmap for Realignment Implementation”, and other defense transformation initiatives in the CNMI and Guam.  The CNMI MIMC is the official entity through which the CNMI will interface with the Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps, Joint Guam Program Office (JGPO) and the Department of Defense.

The purpose of the MIMC is to conduct studies and recommend such policies as it may deem appropriate in order to facilitate and maximize sound and desirable land use planning, economic stability, and manage the impacts resulting from the military buildup on Guam and in the CNMI.

The CNMI-MIMC consists of two committees and an indefinite number of members.  The first committee is the policy making committee and consists of eight members: the Governor of the CNMI, the Lieutenant Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, the Mayor of Saipan, the Mayor of Tinian, the Mayor of Rota, and the Mayor of the Northern Islands.  The committee is chaired by the Governor.

The second committee is the technical committee and is made up of selected members of the Legislature from each jurisdiction, representatives from the Mayor’s office of each jurisdiction, representatives from the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the Strategic Economic Development Committee, Cabinet Secretaries, a JGPO representative, and any other military representatives that would be appropriate given the nature of the proposed military action.

Only the Policy Committee members will be voting members.  All technical committee members will be non-voting.

The MIMC was set up by a federal grant thru the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) and was prior overseen by Department of Commerce.

The documents below are reference material provided by the MIMC Coordinator from various public forums, local organizations and Department of Defense agencies.


Contact Information

Jose P. Mafnas Jr.
Military Integration Management Committee
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Caller Box 10007
Saipan, MP  96950

Work No: (670) 664-2300
Fax No: (670) 664-2311
Email: mimc.marianas@gmail.com