Alcohol & Tobacco

Hafa Adai, Tirow, and Welcome!


Director of Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Control
David R. Maratita

If you are interested or planning in opening a business in the CNMI and wish to engage in the sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, you came to the right place to obtain the license.

For a detail look at the laws and regulations governing the sale of tobacco or alcoholic beverages and for all documents and application forms, please click on one of the following links located below.  You can also visit our Application Center.

Should you need immediate assistance, please contact us via phone at (670) 488-1006, or Fax us at (670) 664-3067, or simply send us a message at  Thank You

To report any alcohol or tobacco violations, please contact the ABTC Hotline at (670) 285-1821.


Alcohol & Tobacco - PUBLIC NOTICE AT_PN PUBLIC NOTICE 107 Edit link: Edit this
Alcohol & Tobacco - Documents AT_DOCS Documents 108 Edit link: Edit this
Alcohol & Tobacco - Monthly Reports AT_MR Monthly Reports 109 Edit link: Edit this
Alcohol & Tobacco - Tobacco Control License AT_TCL Tobacco Control License 111 Edit link: Edit this
Alcohol & Tobacco - Betelnut Control License AT_BCL Betelnut Control License 112 Edit link: Edit this


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