Enforcement & Compliance

Director David Palacios

Hafa Adai, Tiroow, and Welcome to the Enforcement & Compliance Division’s Web Page.  Please browse our Application Center for all application forms.  Should you need further assistance, please contact us at phone number (670) 488-1005, fax number (670) 664-3067, or by email at cnmi.enforcement@commerce.gov.mp

Mission Statement

The Enforcement and Compliance Division is three folds; it consists of the Office of Weights and Measures (OWM), the Bureau of Taxicabs (BOT), and recently was tasked with the enforcement aspect of Public Law 15-36 or the “Recycling Reporting Act of 2006.”

High quality overland transportation is a critical element of our tourism industry one of our main tasks of the division’s BOT is to ensure that safe, clean, and dependable taxicab services are provided to the guests (tourists) and residents of the commonwealth and that these services are offered at fair rates.  The Bureau is also tasked in enhancing the role of taxi operators in the tourism industry by providing and promoting stringent rules and regulations.

Equity and fairness are absolutely necessary in commerce and therefore, OWM is tasked to ensure that buyers receive and sellers provide the weight and measure represented in all commercial transactions so that equity may prevail and that all consumers receive the true measure of what they pay for.  The objective of the OWM are (1) to ensure that businesses in the commonwealth comply with regulatory weights and measures standards in all aspects of their business, (2) to prevent unfair and deceptive dealing by weight or measure, including description of any commodity of service advertised, packaged, sold and/or purchase and (3) to promote uniformity, to the extent practicable and desirable, between weights and measures and requirements in the CNMI and those of the states and Federal agencies.

OWM personnel’s main duties and responsibilities is to make regular visits to all business establisments in the commonwealth to ensure the weighing and measuring devices in commercial services are suitable for their intended use, and are properly maintained and calibrated by their owner or user.

On November 06, 2006, the Enforcement and Compliance Division was tasked to regulate recycling business operation in the Commonwealth.  The purpose of this Act is to regulate recycling businesses by imposing a duty to record and report purchases of recycling products.

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David Palacios
Director of Enforcement & Compliance